Right of Spring!!! (Shout-out to Rockydale East)

Spring Snow Storm

Okay, okay. So I said I’d see you on the flipside with a new blog but this is just too much! Someone has to say something. Enough already with winter! Join the Posey Protest! “Melt! Melt! Melt! … “

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Dear Friends …

In just over a week ROCKYDALE 2014 will be transformed into something bright shiny new. With this post, it’s time to say goodbye to the last five years of ornaments, elves, your hilarious comments, and news from everyone’s favorite cul-de-sac. One night very soon elves will sneak into the workings of sharonhbryant.com and, come morning, a beauteous new blog will poof! into being. Thank you all for years of enthusiastic support. You are rare jewels and golden crowns. Happy Spring! See you again in a few.before and after

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Gone Skating

See you all in the spring!

Gone Skating

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“Pardon me, the house is on fire!”

"Pardon me ..."

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Pink Mohair Bunny Helmet Moment

Pink Mohair Bunny Helmet Moment

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The Incident at Ken’s (observed by owls)

Incident at Ken's

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Long Winter’s Night at the Acme Ornament Company

long winter's nap

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Morning Pages

Morning pages (closeup)
About a week ago I started back doing morning pages in my sketchbook. Continue reading

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And the winner of the Most Comments Contest is … PIXIE CUP!!!

red snowflake mittensCongratulations PIXIE!!!

Dear Pixie, you logged the most comments on Rockydale Christmas 2013, the Advent Calendar blog, to win this SPECTACULAR pair of hand knit 100% organic merino wool RED SNOWFLAKE MITTENS!

For everyone who commented this holiday season–thank you!
Better luck in 2014!

And for all you knitters out there, the Red Snowflake Mittens Pattern (beta, newly updated) is available to download on the Mole’s Red Snowflake Mitten Page until mid-January!

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Fifth Anniversary Archive: “Snow Dance” (2011)

Merry Christmas from “Rockydale Christmas 2013!”
With warm wishes from
ELF, Shovel, and WeNdY DarLiNg

PPS: See you in 2014!

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